Is your organization interested in having your own logo on state-shaped pocket apparel? Is your apparel company interested in having your own brand of state-themed apparel? For bulk orders, Well Stated Clothing is equipped to provide a full range of customization options, including: 

all with our impressive state-shaped pockets! We're experimenting with new pocket shapes and garment styles, so why not share your brand's vision with us? Download this info sheet (formatted for 8.5x11" printing):

Free samples made available to customization clients at our discretion and stock availability. To request a free sample of our clothing, email us with your information and garment request. In your email, please mind: 

Send to:

Subject: Requesting free Well Stated Clothing sample

Include: Your name, company name (if applicable), mailing address, and your interest in Well Stated Clothing. (E.g. "Considering for my retail store," or "Want to launch a new brand" etc.)

Wholesale orders should be initiated also by sending an email to