This new seasoning blend from TRR Designs takes you Back to Basics™ of flavor. With no sugars, fillers, or binder ingredients, this mix combines sea salt and large chunks of dried garlic with whole rosemary and thyme leaves, as well as whole black peppercorns. The perfect proportions of these simple spices are all you need to elevate the flavor of your meats and vegetables.

By grinding whole or coarse ingredients just while you're cooking, you'll crack open the boldest, freshest flavors of each spice. In our experience, freshly-ground spices taste much closer to fresh than pre-ground alternatives. Each of our refillable bottles come equipped with a grinder lid.

Ryan's recommendations: particularly wonderful for steak, pork chops, eggs, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts.

If you'd like to make a perfect steak at home in just 6 minutes of cook time, follow along with this video tutorial! In addition to your favorite cut of steak and our Steak Searing Blend, the only other things you'll need are some butter and olive oil! Simple as that. 

Download this free, printable guide to cooking a perfect steak in a skillet! Page is formatted for standard 8.5x11" paper, and follows the same steps outlined in the video tutorial.

Ready to go Back to Basics?

Interested in Wholesale?

Free samples available to potential wholesale clients at our discretion and stock availability. To request a free sample of our seasoning, email us with your information and order request. In your email, please mind: 

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Subject: Requesting free Steak Searing Blend sample

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